Q: If the dress you ordered in standard size is not for you, what can you do?
All of our dresses (except ready-to-ship dresses) are newly tailored by our dressmakers according to our customers’ order request. There may be the little size error within 3cm for the handwork. Every one has a different figure feature. Sometimes, the dress in standard size you received from us may not fit for you very well. To ensure your dress will fit for you perfectly, our dressmakers specially leave the additional fabrics about 3cm length inside the left and right seams of the dress to allow the minor alteration of the size of the dress. If your dress is a little tight or bigger for you to wear, please kindly enlarge or take in the dress from the seams inside the dress.

Q: If the dress you ordered has a little color difference, what can you do?
There is a little color difference of the same color for the different fabrics. Some kinds of fabrics will show different color effect when you check it from different angles under different light, such as taffeta. Different monitors will also show the different color effect from the actual color of the dresses. The slight color difference between the dress at hand and the color shown on the monitor is not the color defective or wrong delivery. However, if you confirm that you receive a dress in wrong color; please kindly send e-mail to sales@gownsandgowns.com. We will help you.

Q: If the dress you ordered is not the one in your mind, what can you do?
Every customer has a different consumption level. We could not make sure the dress offered on our website will satisfy every customer. However, we can make sure that the quality of the dresses sold on our website is the best quality and ensure to prepare the dress according to the details shown on our website.

Q: If the dress you ordered from us has zipper problem, what can you do?
For the thickness of the dresses, the zipper on the dress may not easily for you to zip it up, especially the invisible zipper. When you zip it up, please kindly be slow and careful. If the zipper is stock, please kindly do not strongly pull up the zipper. At this moment, please kindly slowly pull up the zipper backwards and forwards to adjust the zipper teeth to make it smooth. If you strongly zip it up to make it broken, please kindly take the dress in your local seamstress to exchange a new zipper for the dress.

Q: If the dress you ordered for us has some stains, what can you do?
All of the dresses are sent out directly from our warehouse. Unusually, the dresses may be marked with some stains and mark cause in the process of tailoring that can be cleaned off easily.